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We aim to make small changes that eventually adds up to give huge results

We transform your waste into redefined raw materials

We focus on utilizing the scraps to produce sustainable as well as stylish handbags and shoes
Our venture focuses on reducing plastics for the enrichment of the future.

Since the invention of synthetic plastics in 1907, mankind has used and exploited it for convenience. While the other resources have been decreasing, the amount of plastic waste has been gradually increasing every passing year.

Today plastics are renowned for their sustainability, strength and design flexibility, finding unique and innovative applications in sectors ranging from healthcare and medicine, consumer technology, automotive, packaging, aerospace, building and construction and everything in between.

The plastic industry has grown rapidly and so has the waste generated from the plastics. Plastics though easy to use are much harder to dispose. Popularly known for their strength and flexibility these plastics can never decompose and burning them produces toxic gases.

The lack of plastic waste management possess an alarming threat to the future of mankind and Earth. Our innovative founders regarded these problems as a matter of huge concern. Furthermore, they decided to invest and promote the concept of recycling the scraps and end-of-bolt pieces from manufacturers.

Keeping in mind the abundance of plastic, our skillful team came across a sustainable innovation of recycling plastics into fashionable shoes and handbags. These accessories not only reduces and recycles plastics but also provides you with fashionable signature styles in shoes and handbags.

A Dynamic Choice

We aim to make small changes that eventually adds up to give huge results

The major focus of our organization lies in producing sustainable fashion with recycled plastics, polyester, nylon and organic cotton. These are blended in variable proportions to produce different redefined raw materials for further production of shoes and handbags.
Recycled Cotton
Recycled Polyester
Recycled Nylon
Organic Cotton

We Choose To Complete Every Step Sustainably & Fashionably

We aim to provide our customers with best in style products. Our team of designers majorly focuses on fulfilling the ever evolving and dynamically changing needs of the fashion industry. We would like to keep our promise of keeping you up-to-date with the latest fashion and trends with our designs and products.
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Wind Energy Innovation

Recycle Polyester

Home Solar Panel

Recycle Nylon

Wind Energy Innovation

Organic Cotton

Home Solar Panel

Recycle Cotton

Bottles Recycled

Recycling more than 25 billion plastic bottles!

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